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Best Selling Releases 2020

  1. Khruangbin - Mordechai (Dead Oceans)    

  2. SW. - Night (Night Defined Recordings)

  3. DJ Slyngshot - Workshop 29 (Workshop)

  4. Demuja - Atlantic Avenue (Muja) 

  5. Lawrence - Moonlight (Giegling)

  6. Solo Banton - Old Raggamuffin (Reality Shock Records)

  7. Grauzone - Eisbär (WRWTFWW)

  8. Leafar Legov - Mirror (Giegling)

  9. markmechanik - Wehmut EP (Freakadelle)

  10. Retrogott & Hulk Hodn - Land und Leute (ENTBS)

  11. Gerald Peklar ft. India - Freakadellen & Friends REs (Reflex)

  12. Nepumuk - Ad Absurdum (Sichtexot)

  13. Christopher Rau - The Keys (Smallville)

  14. Kruder & Dorfmeister - DJ Kicks (!K7)

  15. Samura Loré & Devaloop - Of Passionate Nature

Staff Picks 2020


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DJ Fett Burger - Thank U 4 Letting Me Live My Life (Mongo Fett)
PG Sounds - SUED 23 (2LP) (Sued)
My Ugly Clementine - Vitamin C (InK Music)
Soft Power - Brink Of Extinction (Ltd. Vinyl LP, Repress) (RR GEMS Records)
Om Unit Meets Seekers International - Secret Location (Berceuse Heroique)
Call Super - Every Mouth Teeth Missing (Incienso)
Actress - Karma & Desire (Black Vinyl) (Ninja Tune)
Oneohtrix Point Never - Magic (Warp)
Khotin - Finds You Well (Black Vinyl) (Ghostly)
Makaya McCraven - Universal Beings E&F Sides (LP) (International Anthem)
Roméo Poirier - Hotel Nota
Ghetto Henry - Volume One (Doom Chakra Tapes)
Jeff Parker - Suite for Max Brown (Vinyl LP) (International Anthem)
SW. - Night (Night Defined Recordings)
Pub - Do You Ever Regret Pantomime? (Ampoule)
Mavi Phoenix - Boys Toys (LP) (LLT Records)
Nazar - Guerrilla (Hyperdub)
Beatrice Dillon - Workaround (PAN Records)
Zenker Brothers - Cosmic Transmission (Ilian Tape)
Hotspring - Obit For Sunshade (Mood Hut)
Pontiac Streator - Triz (Motion Ward)
Peter Graf York - Expedition Bahn! (South Of North)
O-Wells - Ebecs (Die Orakel)
Dman & Roger 23 - 222 (Noorden)  


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Parris - Polychrome Swim (The Trilogy Tapes)
Earl Grey - Infinite Loop EP (Western Lore)
Jay Daniel - SSD EP (Watusi High)
Further Reductions - Array (Knekelhuis) 

Loto Retina - 2022 (Promesses)
Actefy - LACK020 (Lack Records)
markmechanik - Wehmut EP (Freakadelle)
Pugilist - Blue Planet EP (3024)
Skee Mask - ISS005 (Ilian Tape)
Skee Mask - ISS006 (Ilian Tape)
Jon Watts - Music for 3 CDJs (Butter Sessions)
Exael & Arad Acid - Furi (Motion Ward)
Maelstrom - Archaea EP (Mechatronica Music)
Ruutu Poiss - Untitled (Wake Dream)
Loop Lf - Drifting Forwards EP (Well Street)
Telephones presents - Point Breaks / Beach Breaks (European Carryall)
Coco Bryce - Ma Bae Be Luv EP (Lobster Theremin)
OL - SORM (Gost Zvuk)
Christopher Rau - The Keys (Smallville)  
Perko - The City Rings (Numbers)  

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